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No, We Don’t Provide Generic Cover Letters

No to generic cover letters

Can you write me a quick generic cover letter?

Well yes, of course we can but will that really be the best thing for you?

We get asked this question regularly and we understand why. You have just invested your hard earned money on a resume and let’s face it there are more exciting things to spend your money on.

Originally you thought you would get your resume professionally written and then write your own cover letter. The cover letter will be the easy part.


Now you are sitting here reading through your resume and you like what you are reading. You like how you sound. You would not have thought of promoting yourself in that way or laying your resume out the way I have. You didn’t realise how many skills you have.

But now you aren’t so sure about writing your own cover letter. You know it probably won’t be as good as your resume.  You want your cover letter to match your résumé but you really don’t want to spend any more money.

We get it.

However, we feel we would be doing you a disservice by providing you with a ‘generic’ cover letter as you would then presume it is acceptable to use it to apply for that position that has just been advertised – the one you really, really want.

Still you think, surely it doesn’t matter, the resume is the most important part of the application and it’s looking great.

That is a big risk! We actually don’t know which document a recruiter reads first and which they value more.

What do other industry experts say?

Clearly the industry is divided but the one thing we know for certain is a well written, personalised cover letter will never work against you.

No generic cover letter can catch the recruiter’s eye and promote you as well as a targeted cover letter can. When you think about it that makes sense. A generic cover letter is just another document to read with no real value.

For the sake of a small extra investment, and it is an investment, an investment in you and your career, we can write you a tailor-made cover letter. 

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We want to acknowledge the original author of this article – Jodi Reeves. For many years she was one of our expert Resume Writers who has now gone on to launch her own business. You can find out what she has been up to here.

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