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A professionally written selection criteria can make all the difference between you getting an interview (or not).

Are you struggling to address key selection criteria when applying for government positions?​

Experience Counts!

Responding to selection criteria is an essential part of the recruitment process when you apply for a position with the Australian Public Service (APS), State or Local Government. They are also used as a key recruitment tool by academic institutions, community organisations and some large companies in the private sector. Counting for up to 60% of the recruitment process, addressing these criteria should not be taken lightly.

Writing selection criteria responses can be a very time-consuming and complex task, which explains why so many people seek out the professional services of Résumés for Results. Our Career Consultants are experts in this important area and are highly skilled in preparing successful government applications in accordance with the government selection requirements such as the STAR model. We are also highly skilled in using alternative models such as CAR or SAO.

Selection criteria responses are statements that describe the qualifications, knowledge, skills, abilities and experience that are required for the position advertised. You are required to respond to these questions by describing how you meet the requirements of the position, providing examples of specific situations. There are different types of criteria and some employers will focus on your qualifications or your work skills while others will be based on your experience. The most important aspect of writing selection criteria is to provide evidence or proof through relevant examples. You will often be required to respond within a word or page limit.

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