3 Key Ingredients to a Compelling Cover Letter

compelling cover letter

A job application letter isn’t just a “nice addition” to a job application; it is a primary tool for a candidate to make a case for an interview. Your cover letter is an opportunity to present details about your background, experiences and abilities that aren’t clear on the application form or resume. A great cover letter includes three key ingredients: a personal greeting, a targeted presentation and a call to action.

No, We Don’t Provide Generic Cover Letters

Cover Letter Writing

No, We Don’t Provide Generic Cover Letters! Can you write me a quick generic cover letter? Well yes, of course we can but will that really be the best thing for you? We get asked this question regularly and we understand why. You have just invested your hard earned money on a resume and let’s […]

Benefits of a Career Change for Mature Age Workers

Mature Job Seeker

Once upon a time, people chose a job that would take them from the start of their career right through until retirement. This rarely happens anymore unless you are extremely lucky to find a job that would fulfill all of your needs: money, career satisfaction and personal fulfillment. And even if you are lucky enough […]

Connecting During An Interview

Connecting during an interview

Establishing good rapport or making a connection is vitally important during a job interview and it may make the difference between getting an offer or not.

Tips for Making a Career Change

Tips for Making a Career Transition

Making a career transition can be challenging. You may be looking for a new career or perhaps your current circumstances are forcing you to consider career alternatives. Here are some simple tips to assist you with the career transition process. 1. Identify what you want to do and what you’re qualified to do Look at […]

8 Ways to Find a New Job

Finding a new job is not always an easy task, and it can be a little harder if you’re wanting to kick off or take the next step in your career.

What Does Applicant Tracking Software Look For?

These days, a single job posting can receive hundreds (if not thousands) of applications for a single position. To help them sort through the sometimes overwhelming number of resumes they receive, both employers and hiring companies are using automated software to trim down the list of applicants.

Do You Need A Professional Resume Writer?


To write your own resume, or any other job search document, you need to be 100% clear about your skills, great at writing and a self-marketer. You need to thoroughly research what skills, experience and qualities potential recruiters are looking for (and the keywords that will either appeal or create red flags). If you said yes to all this and you’re applying for the same type of job that you have now or in the past, then it is possible that you can write your own effective resume.

8 Tips To Outsmart Applicant Tracking Software


In today’s competitive job market and hi-tech digital job boards there is a new electronic gatekeeper standing between you and your dream job. UP to 75% of all resumes never get seen by human eyes. Instead they’re scanned by applicant tracking systems (ATS) which are used by more than 80% of Australian companies and recruitment agencies. Depending on how highly the ATS ranks your resume, you could be first in line for an interview or buried so far down the list recruiters never find you.