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Professional Career Coaching from our experienced Career Consultants can make all the difference between you finding the right job (or not).

Need a professional career coach? Considering a career change or transitioning to a new career? Recently been made redundant? Perhaps you feel stuck and want clarity about your career direction. With so many career and work choices on offer nowadays it is hard to know where to start.

The Career Consultants at Résumés for Results are highly experienced in coaching clients on creating a rewarding and sustainable way forward. Our Career Coaching can benefit people in all life stages from school leavers to senior corporate executives.

Making a career transition or a career change can be very stressful. When you undertake a career change with the support of our professional Career Coaches you will gain more confidence to handle every interview, networking opportunity and job offer that comes along.

Using in-depth assessments, combined with best practice coaching techniques, our team of highly trained professionals can offer clarity in your career direction and assist you in achieving the success you deserve. A career change will be made much easier when you are guided along by a coaching professional.

Our consulting process involves a personal consultation, via email, phone, or Skype, during which we will determine your personal career coaching needs and develop a strategy aligned to your specific needs and career goals.

By engaging our professional Career Coaching Services, you will receive:

Need a Professional Career Coach?

A Career Coach can help employees and job-seekers with a wide range of work-related challenges: writing resumes and cover letters, targeting job searches, finding ways to develop careers, and more.

Some will provide ongoing support during a difficult time at work, while others will be more focused on helping clients achieve a specific goal, such as finding a new job, polishing a resume, or improving soft skills.

Recovering a career setback? Looking to be the pivot of a second-act career? If your game plan is to send out summaries and hope for the best, you can soon find that the old ways to tackle this kind of challenge are not working today. That’s why a good career coach can empower you to get back to doing the kind of work you want (and love) to do.

While some signals are clear, it’s not always clear when it’s time to seek outside help to advance your career. Here are three key indicators that a career coach could be a worthwhile investment.

  1. You ‘re experiencing anguish at work: If you’re bored or frustrated with your job, but don’t know what other career(s) you can pursue, getting a career coach is a valuable idea. Many of our clients start with a vague sense of feeling overwhelmed without knowing why, and then come around to think more confidently as we guide them to the best career moves.
  2. You ‘re struggling to find your job: If you’re searching for a new job and send out resumes, but your work search doesn’t bear fruit, a career coach can help. For others, this could mean not having a call in response to a resume, or not asking for a work interview. For those who do get a call for an interview, a career coach may be a good investment if you don’t get an bid.
  3. You‘re dealing with self-motivation: Advancing your career is a challenging job, and sometimes even the most motivated individuals can find themselves slack or burnt out. And if you find yourself in need of a “fair” to keep you responsible for achieving your career goals, career coaching is a sure idea. Setting objectives and targets and setting out a plan and taking practical action to meet those goals will be easier if you are held accountable by a neutral third party.

If you find yourself unmotivated at work, struggling to find a new job, or feeling that your career passions and talents are underused, it might be time to consider investing in a career coach.

If you hit a crossroads or a brick wall, a career coach will help you find the best way forward to leverage your talents and abilities. Professional career coaches not only help you ask the right questions, they offer tools and guidance that will help you map out the next steps and keep you responsible for setting and achieving the career goals.

Three reasons to hire a Professional Career Coach

Number 1: A career coach will speed up your job hunt.

Hiring a career specialist will also popular the time it takes to get back to work. Nowadays, people over 50 often spend twice as long as younger people get recruited.

Career coach will get you to: stay on track to build a sound job-search strategy (more on this soon), identify action steps, learn how to network efficiently, prepare for a job interview, and consider the best ways to follow up. She or she will give insight, experience and compassion. Most of all, the coach will make sure that you are responsible for the goals you set and the results you want to achieve.

Number 2: A career coach will help you build a solid job-search strategy.

Do you know what your value is for a prospective employer or client? Would you know the best way to describe and sell yourself? Would you know who the most important contacts in your network are? A career coach will help you with the answers you need to come up with a strategic plan of attack to get hired.

Your coach will make sure you ‘re telling the right story through your bio, resumé and LinkedIn profile. The consultant will also allow you to sort through a range of potential opportunities (open roles, networking activities, conferences, current connections, new contacts and the like) and evaluate those that will yield the most results.

Getting a strategy will help you blast past the inevitable discouragement of knocking on doors day after day. So if your plan gets blurry, your coach will motivate you to face it the next day.

Number 3: Your career coach will teach you how to invest in yourself.

Putting your money on the line as an investment in your career coach will be an expression of your commitment to you. Even if you’re on a tight budget, investing the money will light a fire under you. It’s going to make you more focused and more driven, because the clock is ticking and the coach meter is running. Then, the dedication would be visible to all, from networking partners to recruiters and hiring managers.

Many people assume that a career coach is only beneficial after you have submitted dozens of applications and are in desperate need of a job. While this would be a great time to find a coach, you can be helped by these individuals at many other career crossroads.

If you’re just starting out and not sure which direction to take, planning to follow a new passion, or preparing to progress to the next stage, having a professional outside perspective can be extremely helpful.

A career coach doesn’t necessarily do the same thing. Many coaches can assist with a major interview, while others specialise in negotiation and can help you negotiate compensation and benefits.


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