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Why do some entry level positions require experience? [VIDEO]

Why do some entry-level positions ask for 2 to 5 years experience?

What’s the deal?

So, the first thing. What’s the deal? Why is this being put on job listings? Well, a lot of job listings are like wish lists. They’re everything the employer wants but not expecting. Two years may also be designed to cull out a whole heap of applicants because they get so many.

Here’s the deal!

But here’s the deal! If you have 80% of the listed requirements in a job advertisement, don’t overthink it; apply. The next thing is to stack the deck in your favour when you do apply.

Bottom Line!

So the bottom line is ­– whether or not you qualify for the role is more about the full package that you present. An employer is far more interested in someone who has a passion for the role and can demonstrate some of the skills needed than someone who’s got five years of experience.

So, don’t let the fact that you have or have not got 100% of the skills required in a job listing STOP you from applying.

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