Job Search Discrimination [VIDEO]

Job Search Discrimination

There are many other ways to discriminate against people. Often, it is an unconscious bias that a lot of us have, especially hiring managers. They have this picture in their head of the perfect person for the job. So, what can you do to minimise discrimination?

Be Prepared When Your Ideal Job Or Promotion Is Advertised! [VIDEO]

Be prepared for when you ideal job is advertised!

Are you ready for when your ideal job or promotion gets listed? Or do you leave it to the last minute? I’m Kathryn Burke, and I have the privilege of leading a fabulous team of Career Consultants across Australia under the banner of Résumés for Results. We often come across this issue when clients come […]

A Fresh Resume For A Fresh Start

Lost my job, made redundant

Are you going through a career setback? Lost your job or made redundant? Career setbacks can come in many different forms. Maybe you didn’t get the promotion you were so excited about, or you missed out on the project you put so much work into. Have you been made redundant? If it hasn’t happened to […]

Your Interview Pitch

Your Interview Pitch

Nobody is going to believe you want the job unless you believe it!! How do you make a great first impression when someone says, “Tell me about yourself?” Do you have a good answer for this? Do you go into autopilot and start right at the beginning of your career all the way to today? […]

Do I really need a cover letter? [VIDEO]

Do I really need a cover letter?

Do I really need a cover letter? Have you spent hours and hours preparing your resume for that job you really want? And the closing date is coming down on you, and you’re thinking, “Do I really need to include a cover letter? You know, they don’t read it, do they? Am I wasting my […]

Why do some entry level positions require experience? [VIDEO]

Why do some entry-level positions ask for 2 to 5 years experience?

Why do some entry-level positions ask for 2 to 5 years experience? What’s the deal? So, the first thing. What’s the deal? Why is this being put on job listings? Well, a lot of job listings are like wish lists. They’re everything the employer wants but not expecting. Two years may also be designed to […]

Think you’re not good enough for that job interview? Think again. [VIDEO]

cv-writers-perth Video Transcript: My daunting experience! How are you today? I want to share an experience I had today that I found very, very daunting. It’s not something that I have done very often but I had a photo shoot. I’d been looking at my online profile and thinking… “Oh, that is so old, I […]

Creating A Positive Digital Footprint

Whether you are looking for employment, a promotion or happy in the role you are in with no intention to move on in the short term, you want your digital footprint to be positive, consistent, and authentic.

How To Organise Your Job Search


During your job search, you will probably lose count of the number of jobs you apply for. Getting organised makes a lot of sense if you want to keep track of the different jobs you apply for.

How To Prepare For A Video Interview

Video interviewing is becoming a popular tool for recruitment. So, if you’ve been shortlisted and told you will be interviewed via video you need to know how to prepare yourself!