How to make sure your job application isn’t discarded!

Follow the instructions when applying for a job

Identify and follow ALL instructions to stop your resume from landing in the discard pile! Apply these 3 tips to your resume today! Tip 1: Read the instructions very, very carefully! When you find a job on SEEK, you want to apply for, don’t just hit the apply button and upload your resume and cover […]

How to deal with gaps in your employment history

Employment Gaps

How did you deal with your employment gaps? A job applicant recently received advice from her colleague that the gaps in her employment history could be easily fixed by “stretching out” the employment dates on her resume.  This sounded simple and innocent enough, but it did raise some questions with this person, and she asked […]

Why do you need to include a cover letter with your resume? [VIDEO]

Why include a cover letter with your resume

Did you include a customised cover letter with your last job application? Why are cover letters important? A customised cover letter allows you, in a story type format, to tell the employer exactly why hiring you, as opposed to all the other candidates, is a good decision for their business. Four tips for your next […]

4 Self-Care Tips For Your Job Search​

Job Search Self Care

4 Self-Care Tips For Your Job Search Looking for a job can feel like a marathon, and at some stage, you’re going to hit the wall. Why? Because you are overwhelmed and stressed out with the hundreds of: Hundreds of job postings you’ve had to leaf through. Hundreds of job applications, cover letters and resumes […]

5 Resume Rules You Can Break [VIDEO]

5 Resume Rules You Can Break

5 Resume Rules You Can Break The way resumes were written, many years ago when I first got started in my career, is very different to how they are written now. Today resume writers (me included) and job seekers are breaking some of those traditional rules. Why? Well, it’s not how your resume looks that […]

How Employable Are You? [VIDEO]

Employability Skills

How employable are you? Have you just graduated from high school or university? And you’re thinking, “I don’t have much of a work history.” You may be asking yourself, “How employable am I?” Or you may have had a long career, and you’re thinking, “I’ve got the skills and experience to get the job!” But […]

5 Tips On How To Boost Your Resume Using Keywords [VIDEO]

These days, a job posting can receive hundreds (if not thousands) of applications for a single position. To help them sort through the sometimes overwhelming number of resumes they receive, both employers and hiring companies are using automated software to trim down the list of applicants.

Online Resume Maker or Professional Resume Writer?

resume writing

Using Online Resume Makers If you’re reading this article, then I assume you are in the process of creating or updating your resume. You could write it yourself or you could turn to an online resume maker or a professional resume writer. My advice (and, yes, I am biased) is make sure you know how […]

Job Search Discrimination [VIDEO]

Job Search Discrimination

There are many other ways to discriminate against people. Often, it is an unconscious bias that a lot of us have, especially hiring managers. They have this picture in their head of the perfect person for the job. So, what can you do to minimise discrimination?