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Job Search Discrimination

Have you been discriminated against? 

Have you been able to identify what the discrimination was based on?

Were you discriminated against for any of these reasons?

There are many other ways to discriminate against people. Often, it is an unconscious bias that a lot of us have, especially hiring managers. They have this picture in their head of the perfect person for the job.

What can you do to minimise discrimination?

As I said, I’m not going to talk about big issues or legalities. I just want to talk about some simple things that you can do with your resume and interview to minimise discrimination, either, consciously or unconsciously, from the other person’s perspective.

In your resume, there are a few things you can do. For example, don’t include…

What do you do if you get an interview?

You have done all the things I suggested, but you know you can’t hide all of these barriers. But, you’ve reached the interview! You can safely assume that the hiring manager believes you have the experience for the role. All those other things I’ve mentioned are not reasons to employ you. You need to focus on building a relationship with the hiring manager during the interview. This will take the focus off any potential issues for discrimination.

Example of what you can say in an interview 

You may be a mature aged job seeker looking to change jobs or re-enter the workforce. You may have been made redundant this year or lost your job and now looking for work? You know your age is going to be an issue. So many people tell us it is. I have experienced this myself. Here’s what you can do.

When you’re asked, “Tell us about yourself,” respond with, “I am a mature person with many years of experience. I bring a strong work ethic, outstanding communication skills and ability to work with all sorts of people.” Include technical knowledge if you have it or negotiation skills. 

Let us know about your experiences or any questions you have. What worked for you and what didn’t work for you? What did you do with your resume? What did you do at the interview? How did you overcome any barriers based on discrimination? Let us know so we can help you and others watching and reading our career articles.

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