8 Ways to Find a New Job

Finding a new job is not always an easy task, and it can be a little harder if you’re wanting to kick off or take the next step in your career.

Do You Need A Professional Resume Writer?


To write your own resume, or any other job search document, you need to be 100% clear about your skills, great at writing and a self-marketer. You need to thoroughly research what skills, experience and qualities potential recruiters are looking for (and the keywords that will either appeal or create red flags). If you said yes to all this and you’re applying for the same type of job that you have now or in the past, then it is possible that you can write your own effective resume.

LinkedIn – How to Make it Work for You

As a job seeker in today’s competitive job market, it’s not enough to have a simple resume. With membership now more than 575 million worldwide and more than 9 million in Australia, LinkedIn is your most powerful career development asset when you use it correctly. Yet many people find LinkedIn overwhelming or a time drain or confusing.

Learn to Read Body Language for a More Successful Interview

For a lot of people, interviews can be quite challenging. We worry about the outcome, we worry about what they will think of us, we worry about whether we will answer the questions correctly. Instead of worrying about things you can’t change, why not start polishing up a skill that will help you get better results in an interview or other interpersonal situation? Yes, it’s the skill of reading body language.

What To Do When You Have Bad References


You may have a well-written, professional resume and managed to impress the recruiter during the interview, but what do you do if you have bad references? What your references say about you is often the deciding factor in whether or not you’ll be offered the position.

How to handle those strange interview questions

You may have heard stories of strange interview questions being thrown at people during their interviews, but how do you respond when it happens to you? Everything might be going along nicely, you feel confident, and then this happens. “What do you think of garden gnomes?”

Authenticity – The Key To Personal Branding Online


How much thought have you put into your personal brand? Just like a large company, what you say and do as an individual can affect what others think of you, including your suitability for a particular job or role.

Why You Should Have a Personal Landing Page

Whilst having a professional resume is essential, it is also fast becoming as important to have a personal landing page. One will never be more essential than the other but they will both complement each other and cater for the employer who wants quick results when searching for a new employee.

So, What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

It’s the question we all dread in an interview. How do you tell a prospective employer what your greatest weakness is when you have no idea what it is they really want to achieve by finding out the answer? This is one of those questions that has been used for many years but no real […]