Tips for making a Career Transition

Thursday, January 16th, 2014 by: Jeanette Hannan

Making a career transition can be challenging. You may be looking for a new career or perhaps your current circumstances are forcing you to consider career alternatives.

Here are some simple tips to assist you with the career transition process:

1. Identify what you want to do and what you’re qualified to do
Look at all your “transferable skills” – all those jobs you’ve done that define your skill sets.

2. Don’t rush change, trust your process
Opportunities will present themselves, so take your time to qualify them based on your current situation and your future goals.

3. Be prepared and honest when presenting yourself
Align your resume to your true self. Know what your strong assets are and make them your key focus.

4. Evaluate your current skill levels
The business world is constantly changing and that means to get hired, you need to develop along with it. Review your personal, professional, technology, and social networking proficiency. If you need to upgrade some of your skills consider completing some courses through industry associations, professional organisations or online.

5. Know that personal branding and your image sets you apart
Personality, mindset, energy, attitude, image are all important assets today to make you stand out and get noticed. You need to constantly evaluate your entire professional image by:

  • Maintaining an up to date and relevant online professional presence;
  • Participating in regular networking opportunities;
  • Ensuring your professional image is consistent.

If you would like assistance with your Career Transition take a look at our Career Coaching and Job Search Advice services on our website or contact the Career Consultants at Resumes for Results on 1800 155 895.