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How Volunteering Can Boost Your Career

One thing that interviewers never fail to notice on a resume is previous relevant experience. While many skills can be made applicable to a range of positions, if you can demonstrate inside knowledge of how the job in question is actually done, you can be on a fast track to being hired.

A straightforward way to gain necessary experience can be to find opportunities for internships or work experience. These positions are not just for students as they provide excellent networking opportunities and a chance to gain knowledge that will give you confidence at interview, no matter what your age.

If you are looking to move into a different line of work, an internship is a great way to meet mentors in your chosen field, who later may not only be able to offer insight and opinions on job openings, but could also appear as referees on your resume. You might take time off from your current job and use the time to ‘test run’ in another field, or you might like to put yourself forward as an intern to another department within your current company.

Finding a good work experience position can be as simple as getting in touch with the right people through a social networking site like LinkedIn. Using an accurate, up to date profile, begin by networking with people you know in your chosen industry. With genuine motive, feel free to link with people you don’t know as well, as it is a well-established professional networking site, and seeking new contacts is not uncommon.

Another way to find work experience is by asking for a personal recommendation from a well-connected friend or family member. Also, look into internships through organisations like Internships Australia, which specialises in assisting interns gain professional skills and improve their employment prospects.

Even companies not actively seeking interns can be convinced by a proactive approach. Do some research to establish what value you can offer, and propose your help to the company in question. Work experience creates a win-win situation where you gain valuable experience, and they gain valuable work at no cost.

If you’re a mature age worker or job seeker, don’t ignore work placement and internship opportunities because you think you’re too old for them. In today’s environment, anything is possible. You bring with you a wealth of work and life experience which, even if it’s in a different field, still transfer to your new role.

Before you ask for an internship, make sure that your resume is up to date. It needs to show you at your best, especially as an older applicant. You are doing something unexpected from people at your stage of their career, so your resume needs to show your track record and demonstrate that you’re serious about your intention.

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