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Why You Should Have a Personal Landing Page

When you are looking for a product or service you automatically go to the internet and do a Google search. From there you find relevant websites and start looking through them to decide which website has the products or services that meet your needs. The things that will help you make that decision are a professional looking website, in particular the home page as that is where you go to first, and the content of the page. Overall you will be looking for relevant information that will quickly tell you what you want to know about this business so you can instantly decide if it is for you.

Your Personal Profile

Your professional profile is no different to prospective employers, and having a personal landing page is what could set you apart from the competition.

Whilst having a professional resume is essential, it is also fast becoming as important to have a personal landing page. One will never be more essential than the other but they will both complement each other and cater for the employer who wants quick results when searching for a new employee.

Your personal landing page is essentially your business card on the internet. It’s your place to stand out and really show your personality and your skills to a prospective employer. It allows an employer to get a sense of who you are and how you portray yourself.

Show Who You Are

When reading a resume, an employer gets a one-dimensional view of you. It is all factual based on black and white print. It tells them your essential details, your employment history and your skills.

With a personal landing page an employer can now get a two-dimensional view of who you are not only as an employee but also as a person. The colours you choose, the layout, the information and the professional photos you use to create your personal landing page will add depth to your resume. It gives you the chance to expand on areas you would normally only add to your resume in brief; things such as career achievements, awards and testimonials.

Share More With Potential Employers

When you provide a prospective employer with a link to your personal landing page you automatically streamline the process not only for them but also for you. They can expand on their view of you before they make the decision to interview. This gives you a much higher chance of securing an interview as they are now being able to see more about who you are and whether you would be a good fit for their business.

A personal landing page is fast becoming a “must have” in the professional world and is moving towards becoming that one additional step you can take to secure an interview where you can then convert all of your preliminary work into making a show stopping, three-dimensional appearance to secure your new position.

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