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How To Prepare For A Video Interview

Video interviewing is becoming a popular tool for recruitment. So, if you’ve been shortlisted and told you will be interviewed via video you need to know how to prepare yourself!

What to expect!

There are two main types of video interviews that you will encounter:

Live Interviews

Live interviews are an online version of a normal interview where an employer, recruiter or panel interact with you via a webcam in real time. For most video interviews simple technologies such as Skype, Zoom or other video conferencing platforms are used as these are easily accessible by the majority of candidates.

On-Demand Interviews

This is an automated forum where you log in and answer a pre-recorded set of questions. This is great for the recruiter as it offers more flexibility in scheduling, but it can be more daunting than live interviews.

Your interview experience may vary dependent on what competencies or behaviours the interviewer is looking to observe. Questions may be given in writing onscreen, by audio or video, or as a video scenario or case study.  You may have the option to record your answers multiple times or once only. You may also be given set times to prepare your responses and then a specific time frame to complete your answer. 

Quality Interviewing

Regardless of the interviewing platform you need to invest the time in solid preparation if you want to perform well. It will take practice to hone your skills in pitching, presenting and responding to questions online.

Here are some tips for your video interview:

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