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Top 5 Skills Employers Look For

Technology is constantly changing. With each new advance, the skillset required to perform the duties of a specific job change as well, so it’s important for job seekers to keep their skills up-to-date. Doing so will help current and future employers to view you as a valuable asset that they wish to acquire and keep.

But what do recruiters and prospective employers look for in their candidates? 

US firm, Zip Reruiter undertook some research to find the answer to that question and these are the five skills which were highest in demand. How do you measure up?

1. Communication

Today’s employers are searching for associates that can demonstrate a high degree of proficiency in both the written and spoken word. Are you able to listen to others and learn what they want and need as well as simplify complex ideas and explain them to others so that they can gain understanding? Look for ways to highlight your ability to communicate well with others on your resume to gain an edge over other applicants that may lack this experience. 

2. Cooperation

Can you get along and work well with others? Team players definitely have an edge over lone wolves in today’s job market, as the ability to reduce tensions, and motivate others to pull together and work to achieve the organisation’s goals is a highly prized skill.

3. Responsibility and Organisation

Are you able to manage your time so that you are able to complete your tasks quickly and efficiently? Are you able to show up for work when needed on a regular basis and can others count on you to get the work done without constant direct supervision? Effective time management requires workers to be both responsible and organised, and this is a skill that is in short supply but very necessary in today’s fast paced work environment. 

4. Leadership

Do you have an upbeat and positive attitude? Are you able to motivate yourself to strive for excellence as its own reward? Are you constantly seeking ways to improve yourself, and do you have high standards for yourself and others? Individual motivation is the key to achieving any goal, and so those that can inspire themselves to work hard are in high demand at today’s companies. If you are able to go another step further and are able to inspire others to keep pushing towards the goal when the going is difficult, then you have the beginnings of a becoming a leader. True leadership is a skill that is much needed in our homes, schools and communities as well as the workplace.  

5. Industry specific education and/or skills

Some industries remain highly specialised, and so will require a certain educational path to be completed, and may include testing of specific skills, in order to obtain certification and licensure so that you can obtain a position. While it is still necessary to show proficiency in the specific skills that are required, education and experience in this area comes in last on our list of skills most sought by employers as these skills are the ones that most can learn if they invest the appropriate amount of time and determination to acquire them. Examples of industry-specific skillsets would be the need to have an education in computer science and obtain various certifications in order to have a high paying career in the IT industry, or the industry specific training and experience that are necessary to become an air traffic controller. Keeping on top of changing needs in the labour market before you begin a specific educational path can help to ensure that there will be job openings in your preferred industry once you complete your education and licensure requirements.

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