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How To Organise Your Job Search

During your job search, you will probably lose count of the number of jobs you apply for. Getting organised makes a lot of sense if you want to keep track of the different jobs you apply for.

Treat your job search like a job: If you want to maximise your job searching then treat it like a job. Set aside a workspace where you can research job vacancies, update your resume and send out applications. You’ll be more productive if you have a dedicated work area that is ready to use.

Make a schedule: Get out your calendar and schedule some time every day to research advertised job vacancies, update and submit your resume, cover letters and applications. Make sure you respond to emails and phone calls from employers as soon as possible.

Use tools and apps to help plan and organise your job search activities: There are a number of tools, and applications to help you plan. For example:

Set up a filing system for your job applications: For every job application you will need to tailor your resume, cover letter and other documents to the role requirements. To keep track of all your tailored documents:

Manage your emails: Most of your communication with employers or recruiters will be by email. It is very important that you read and respond to emails as soon as they arrive. Make a folder in your email account and keep your job search emails separate from your day-to-day emails. This will make sure you don’t miss anything.

Make sure your job search email address sounds professional. For example...

Be ready for requests for further information, interviews or a job offer: Be prepared when an employer or recruiter asks you for further information. Set up a folder on your computer for important documents such as qualifications, bank account details, tax file number, ABN, etc.

What about your interview clothes? Always have your interview clothes clean and ironed. This way you will be ready to attend an interview (even if it’s via zoom, Skype or video) in case you are given short notice to attend.

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