5 Résumé Mistakes Mature Aged Workers Make

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

A compelling résumé is one of the most important tools any job seeker needs, irrespective of the candidate’s age. Mature aged workers can offer a potential employer a range of skills and experience, but many of these candidates present an ineffective, poor-quality résumé. Submit an excellent application every time, and avoid the five following common résumé mistakes that mature workers often make.

Out-of-date content

Savvy career professionals know that they must make sure their résumé is always up to date. Many mature workers fail to accurately update their résumé and submit an application that doesn’t really show what they can bring to the role. Make sure your personal summary tells a recruiter what you value you can offer now and not what you were offering or looking for ten years ago.

Attention seeking or clever wording

Some mature workers may think that they don’t stand a chance against their younger counterparts and decide that the only way to beat the competition is to do something outlandish. This is usually a big mistake. Recruiters won’t want to see a humorous headline, job descriptions embellished with exaggerated claims, or any other attempt to seek attention. Focus on your skills and experience, and make sure your résumé is completely professional.

Failing to make work experience relevant

As a mature worker, you have a wealth of career experience that you can promote to a potential recruiter, but you need to learn how to market your talents. Use your résumé to show how you can apply your experience to new roles. For example, ‘ten years’ team management experience’ doesn’t just show that you have leadership skills it is also strong evidence that you are reliable, adaptable, good at working with people and able to deal with problems. Join the dots for a recruiter, and use your career experience to prove your potential

Too much content

Recruiters want to see sharp, concise, insightful résumés that are easy to read. You’ve probably had lots of different roles in the past, but a recruiter really only wants to know about the most recent and or relevant roles. Focus on the most important experience that you have, and summarise the rest into short bullet points. The last five years’ experience is going to interest a recruiter more than anything else.

Poor layout

It’s probably some time since you had to produce a résumé, but it’s really important that you get the basics right. Recruiters want to see your résumé in a simple layout that uses a clear font. It’s also important to make sure the document features the keywords for the role the recruiter is looking for.

Mature aged workers face a number of challenges in the job market, so it’s important that your résumé is first-class. Make sure your application goes to the top of the pile, and avoid the simple mistakes that could let you down.

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