What Does Your LinkedIn Profile Say About You?

Linnked Profile

If it has been a while since you refreshed your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to do it again. While all forms of social media give useful information about you to your prospective employers, consider this fact…. “89% of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn…”

Creating A Positive Digital Footprint

Whether you are looking for employment, a promotion or happy in the role you are in with no intention to move on in the short term, you want your digital footprint to be positive, consistent, and authentic.

Authenticity – The Key To Personal Branding Online


How much thought have you put into your personal brand? Just like a large company, what you say and do as an individual can affect what others think of you, including your suitability for a particular job or role.

Why You Should Have a Personal Landing Page

Whilst having a professional resume is essential, it is also fast becoming as important to have a personal landing page. One will never be more essential than the other but they will both complement each other and cater for the employer who wants quick results when searching for a new employee.