Cover Letter Writing

Do you need a cover letter for your resume that will
help you stand out from the crowd?

A professional Cover Letter written by our experienced Career Consultants can make all the difference between you getting an interview (or not).

Do you need a cover letter?

You may be amongst the many job seekers that don’t include a cover letter with your resume when applying for a job. You could be doing yourself a disservice. WHY?

The Australian job market is quite competitive with each job vacancy attracting hundreds of applications. It is a big task for employers and recruiters to sift through the hundreds of applications and you, the potential employee, only have a few seconds to make a good FIRST impression. This is why a targeted cover letter, that speaks directly to the job you are interested in, using words and phrases that match the job description, could make all the difference between getting an interview or your application landing in the “no pile”.

When it comes to job applications, cover letters are crucial. You should always include a cover letter, unless the job advertisement clearly says not to.

Our Professional Cover Letter Writers will ensure your potential employer knows, without a doubt, how you can benefit their organisation into the future. 

Will your cover letter be read?

There have been several surveys where recruiters, hiring managers and employers have been asked, “Do you read cover letters?” The overwhelming response was from most participants rated cover letters cover letters as one of the highest priorities when they review your application. Some companies even go as far as not accepting your application if it’s not accompanied by a cover letter, whether they ask for one or not.

According to Sian Havard, Founder and Consultant for the Milkshake Group, “Your cover letter might not always be the first thing I look at, but if your application doesn’t have one you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage.”

Even so, when it comes to your resume and cover letter there is no way of telling which one the recruiter or employer will read first or which one they will value more. According to:

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Even though it appears that the industry has different opinions about the importance of cover letters one thing is certain, a well-written, personalised and targeted cover letter will never go against you.

How many jobs have you already applied for?

During your job search you will look at, and apply for, many positions. Our Resume and Cover Letter Writers know that submitting your resume without a cover letter will not be in your best interests. Your resume is important to the job search process, but it is not necessarily the most importance document you will need to secure an interview for the job you really want.

Your resume focuses on you and the past. Your cover letter focuses on the employer and the future.

Our Professional Cover Letter Writers are experts in introducing you to the recruiter, employer or hiring manager. They will market your skills and demonstrate how your experience and value will contribute to the role, and their business, making you an ideal candidate for their position. We can help you attract the attention of the recruiter or employer by highlighting how you will contribute and improve their business into the future.

What is a Cover Letter and what is it used for?

The purpose of your cover letter is to give you an opportunity to present details about your background, experiences and abilities that aren’t clear on the application form or in your resume. A well-written cover letter is your first – and possibly, only – opportunity to engage a prospective employer. It acts as a key marketing tool to convince the employer to take the time to look at your resume and ultimately invite you for an interview.

Employers want to know why your skills and personality are a right fit for the company and a successful cover letter should do this.

When applying for job vacancy you may be asked to send a formal cover letter with your resumes – usually as a separate file. Sometimes, however, you will be asked to send a cover letter in conjunction with a selection criteria statement.


If you are serious about getting the job you want you will need a customised cover letter for every application. Our Professional Resume and Cover Letter Writers can help you with this daunting task as they are experts in creating strategically targeted cover letters that will increase your chances of being offered an interview for the job you really want.

There are different types of cover letters

One of the first things our cover letter writers will identify is who will be reading your cover letter. This is an important step as there are different types of cover letters for different job-seeking scenarios.

For example:

By engaging our professional Cover Letter Writing Services, you will receive:



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