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68% of qualified candidates with a professionally written resume were offered a job within 3 months of having their resume rewritten.

Kathryn Burke

Hi, I’m Kathryn Burke, CEO of  Résumés For Results. 

I started in the Career Services industry way back in 2007. It was at a time when I was applying for job after job and not getting anywhere. Sound familiar? Then the opportunity arose to join Résumés for Results as the Franchisee on the Sunshine Coast in sunny Queensland.

Almost 15 years later, and after helping thousands of job seekers just like you, I now manage our team of Professional Resume Writers and Career Consultants located across Australia. Together we have more than 68 years of experience helping people from all industries get the job they want.

We are here to help people just like you go from applying for job after job without any response to being offered an interview.

I am very proud of our team of Professional Resume Writers. Together we have been helping job seekers from a wide range of industries and specialties, from recent school leavers all the way up to CEOs. Our Career Consultants come from backgrounds in Recruitment, HR, Management, Training, Administration, Education, Coaching, Business Ownership, to name a few. We understand exactly what employers are looking for and know how to unveil your talents and overcome your employment barriers so that you can achieve long-term career satisfaction.

We know how to market your unique value and skills in a compelling, readable and targeted document that aligns with the employer’s needs.

As Career Consultants we often work with clients who have no confidence in their ability to get a job. During their consultation it is a great pleasure to watch them as they begin to realise their potential and then, when we present them with the first draft they are blown away by the skills, experience and achievements they couldn’t articulate or didn’t know they had. The only thing better is when we receive a phone call, email or text from an excited client who has just been offered an interview or, better still, the job they really wanted.

Don’t leave your next job opportunity to chance!

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“Hi Kathryn. Just wanted to let you know that I made the short list and have an interview on Thursday afternoon. Great news and thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job and getting everything turned around so quickly as they have arranged these interviews before closing time for applications this afternoon.”

“Hello Sonja. Thank you for your help with the application letter and resume for Clinical Nurse Specialist. I found out today that I got the position. I am so happy. The interviewers loved your document presentation. Thanks again.”

“Hi Jennifer. I would love to thank you for the amazing resume service you prepared. Thanks to you, I recently started my new job and it’s better than what I was looking for! My resume was shortlisted after competing against 200 other applicants with only six participating in the interview process. Thanks again!”

“Hi Allison. Just wanted to let you know that I won the position I went for THANKS to wonderful you. I cannot thank you enough for your hard work on my behalf. What comes around goes around so you are in for a good deed sometime soon.”

"Thank you Liz for the resume that you recently wrote for me. You were right about needing to stand out from all the other tradesmen applying for the power station job. I was lucky enough to be successful with your document and my wife would like to thank you for making me shine."

“Hi Anne Marie, just letting you know that this afternoon I was offered the position with the federal parliament. Thanks for your work with my application(s) and getting my foot in the door.”

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