Youth Unemployment: How Professional Career Services Can Help You Land a Job

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

When job opportunities are scarce, employers can often favour experience over qualifications. This is a big problem for young people, who can often struggle for many months before a recruiter will even offer an interview. Worse still, the longer that young people are out of work, the harder they can find it to get a job. Career Consultants can boost anyone’s employment prospects, but their services are particularly useful for young people. Find out about some of the ways that professional career consultants could give you the support you need to land a new job

Produce a first-class résumé

Your résumé is normally the first thing that a recruiter will see, so it’s vital that it stands out against the competition. It’s often very hard for young people to produce a strong résumé because they lack the workplace experience that many recruiters are looking for. An experienced résumé writer can help highlight all the useful skills and experience that a candidate has, and can give expert advice on the best way to present the information. If recruiters aren’t even responding to your application, it’s time to come up with a new strategy, and a professional Career Consultant can definitely assist.

Build a strong online profile

Most recruiters look for candidates online, so it’s vital that young people build a strong presence on recruitment sites. LinkedIn is also an extremely popular tool for recruiters, but it’s often difficult for young people to create a compelling profile. A Career Consultant can talk to younger applicants about the best ways to bring personal profiles to life, showing how to make the best use of keywords and other information. Even if you already have a LinkedIn profile, a professional Career Consultant could point out where you are going wrong.

Apply for a work placement or graduate program

Work placements offer young people great opportunities to gain valuable work experience. Graduate programs are offered across a range of industries and government departments and they provide a supportive environment in which to commence your career. Graduate opportunities are limited, and you are likely to face some strong competition. A Career Consultant can help you put together the best possible application, highlighting all the relevant information that the employers are looking for.

Develop your interview skills

Young people may not have a great deal of interview experience, and if you have been looking for a job for a while, you no doubt benefit by developing your skills. A professional Interview Coach can guide you through the interview preparation process, offering insight into different interview scenarios. An interview coaching session generally includes a mock interview and feedback on your performance, providing you with tips on how to improve and develop. The job interview is a critical part of the application process, so it’s worth seeking the services of an expert assist you to develop the strongest possible skills.

Ask a professional for help

Many young people struggle to decide what sort of job they should apply for. Even if you have good qualifications, the employment market is very daunting, and it’s quite hard to know where to begin. A Career Consultant can offer expert guidance on the available choices, and can help match your personal needs with practical advice about what is possible. Long-term youth unemployment sometimes occurs because candidates don’t really know what they want to do. A Career Consultant can make sure you have a clear strategy, and can help you show a recruiter how committed you are to your career goals.

If you’re young and you’ve been out of work for a long time, it often feels like you will never find you dream job. A professional Career Consultant can increase your chances of finding work, by offering a host of valuable services.

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