Young, Inexperienced But Keen: Make Sure Your Resume Features These Things

Thursday, May 8th, 2014 by: Jeanette Hannan

With increasing competition for every job, recruiters seldom have problems filling job vacancies, and that can be bad news for younger inexperienced people. Without any work experience, young candidates may struggle to get to the interview stage, so it’s vital that they make sure their resume is compelling in other ways. Here are four tips that will make your resume stand out, and help a recruiter see past your lack of work experience.

Qualifications with workplace relevance

Many academic qualifications seem to have little relevance in the workplace, so it’s your job to bring them to life. Don’t just list your academic qualifications. Add a short description for each one, which explains how your studies are relevant in the workplace. Even the process of earning the qualification can appeal to an employer, so describe the tasks you had to complete to get the certificate. Provide examples of any individual or group projects you were involved in, explain your role in the project, and demonstrate relevance to the position you are applying for.

Worthwhile achievements

It’s really important to describe your achievements in a way that appeals to a recruiter. For example, talk about positions of responsibility that prove your team or leadership skills. Describe goals that you have met or awards that you have won, and include details of why these were major achievements. Quantify how many people you competed against, or how many tasks you had to complete to win an award. Think outside the square, your achievements may come from academic results, sporting success, artistic talents or community projects. It is important to showcase these on your resume.

Evidence of transferable skills

A lack of workplace experience may not concern a recruiter if he or she can see evidence of the necessary skills in other ways. Read the role description carefully, and focus on the main skills that the employer is looking for. When preparing your resume make sure present examples where you have demonstrated these skills. Employers generally want people who are adaptable, reliable, tenacious, and conscientious, so a resume with evidence of these skills will always appeal.

A commitment to the business

Employers understand that you are at the beginning of your career path, but they’ll want to make sure that you really want the job. Start your resume with a powerful personal profile that outlines your career aims, and what you want from a job and what you can offer an employer. Make sure that this is a perfect match with the role you have applied for, and show that you have a longer-term view. Make it clear to the recruiter that you know where you want to be in five or ten years’ time, and that your future aims relate directly to this job.

Young people probably have to work harder to produce a strong resume than anyone else because they don’t have the wealth of work experience to rely on. Maximise your chances of success by making sure your application clearly shows the link between your present qualifications and skills, and your future aspirations.

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