Young, Inexperienced But Keen: 3 Things to Remember if You Want to Get Hired

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Employment prospects for young people aren’t looking good. With hundreds of applicants for the most popular roles, employers often choose experience over enthusiasm, and that can put school leavers and university graduates at the bottom of the list. Young job seekers need to show a potential employer that they have the right attitude, and that’s why it’s important to remember the following crucial points.

You may need to start at the bottom (but you don’t have to stay there)

There’s nothing demeaning about having to start at the bottom, and you need to remember that many outstanding careers have started this way. Lots of senior managers and leaders started their working lives in very basic roles, and this often creates the perfect foundation to progress. Employers need to see that you are willing to get your hands dirty. Treat each role as a starting point, and focus on the opportunities the job could bring, and not the detail of any tasks that you may not want to do.

You are going to have to compromise

Great careers nearly always involve compromise. If you want to work in a chosen field, you may need to build skills and experience in other industries first. A job that’s right on your doorstep is probably ideal, but you might have to take a bus ride, if you really want to work. Similarly, you may have to consider part-time hours, job shares or temporary roles, to get yourself into the job market. Always show that you can compromise, or you won’t find many interested employers.

You will have to stand out from the competition

In many cases, the job market favours employers because they have a lot of applicants to choose from. If you want to get a job, you’re going to have to show determination and resilience. Many of your applications will fail to get a response. You may not get a lot of interviews, and you’ll need to work tirelessly for a job offer. Prepare yourself for the task in hand, and make sure that you are ready to compete against the best candidates.

Many employers and recruiters complain that they cannot hire young people because younger applicants don’t have the right attitude. Make sure that you have the right approach to looking for work, and prepare yourself to work through the employment realities that young people face today.

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