You Can’t Always Give Your Résumé to the President: 4 Ways to Get a Potential Employer’s Attention

Monday, May 5th, 2014 by: Jeanette Hannan

Charlotte Bell decided that a meeting with Michelle Obama was too good an opportunity to miss, and took the chance to pass her father’s resume to the First Lady. Unfortunately, most job seekers don’t have the chance to give their resume to somebody as influential as Obama, but there are other ways to get a potential employer’s attention. Here are four practical ideas for job seekers to consider.

Connect via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool for connecting with potential employers. Most major employers have a company page on LinkedIn, where you can read about job opportunities, and find out who the key decision-makers are. Identify the companies you want to work for, and then look for members of your network who can introduce you to hiring managers. Make contact through LinkedIn initially, but try to set up meetings offline where you have a better chance of giving a good impression. Always highlight relevant experience, and focus people’s attention on what you could bring to the business.

Ask for a mentor

It’s often quite difficult to find a good basis for a relationship with a potential employer, but mentoring is one way to set up ongoing dialogue. Approach senior managers at a company you want to work for, and ask if they can talk to you about mentoring opportunities. Clearly state what you are hoping to get from the process, and outline how this is a good fit for your career. A regular meeting with an important decision-maker gives you an opening into the business, and offers you the chance to show what you can do. Mentoring takes up time, so don’t expect to have lots of mentors at one time. Focus on people who have the skill and influence to help broaden your career.

Attend seminars and corporate events

Research and attend seminars relevant to your career or industry sector. You would be surprised how many contacts you can make when you are in a professional development environment. Attend corporate events in your area, and make sure you take copies of your résumé that you can share with the people you meet. Use these events to broaden your knowledge of the business, so you can approach people with questions and ideas that play to the company’s strategy. Where there are guest speakers, take the opportunity to ask intelligent questions, and encourage other people in the room to take an interest in you. It’s important to build relationships with people who will think of you when future job opportunities arise.

Join networking groups

Networking groups offer a great opportunity for you to connect with like-minded career professionals. Word-of-mouth is very important to recruiters, and many permanent roles never even get to a formal advertisement. Join groups in your area, and perfect your networking skills. Look for network members who work for the companies that interest you, and strike up a conversation. Networking only really succeeds when people go out of their way to help others, so it’s important that you make it clear that you’re happy to share your knowledge and experience.

Most people don’t get the opportunity to walk up to a business owner and hand over their resume, but there are lots of other realistic ways that you can get a potential employer’s attention. Polish your resuméeand work tirelessly to find ways to reach out to the decision-makers at the companies you want to work for.

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