Tradies, Are You Online?

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

tradiesWith the world turning their attention to the internet for entertainment, information, and to find what it is they’re looking for, there is a noticeable and gaping hole where the profiles of tradespeople could – and should – be.

It may be that tradies are just very busy and don’t have the time to spend on creating their online profile. Lack of understanding of the importance of a great, online presence is also a deterrent for many. Crafting a profile can also be daunting, especially for those who are great with their hands in their trade, but not so great at putting what they can do in writing.

Putting it off and avoiding going online at all can put your business in a shaky position. You may be doing well now, with word of mouth, but more and more people are looking to the internet, rather than asking their friends for advice.

Having your profile online literally puts you and your business in the pockets and hands of your potential customers and clients. When they’re looking for a tradie, they’ll be heading to Google for details. Contacts lists in mobile devices are replacing physical business cards, and if they can’t find you online, you’ll be overlooked.

You’ll eventually find yourself in a position where you’re back to hunting down clients, using ways and means that are now considered outdated, and less tolerated by the community. Letter box drops are seen as a waste of paper, and not very environmentally friendly, and cold calling is highly detested by almost everyone.

We understand that the idea of getting online is overwhelming enough, not to mention the time and effort it’s going to take. We also understand that you are great at what you do, and we have the skills to let your customers know this.

Put aside the time, not to battle through the creation of getting yourself on the internet, but to call us so we can take this job off your list, and let you focus on your real job.

We will:

  • Create your online profile
  • Effectively communicate your skills and the service you provide
  • Show your professionalism and your industry standing
  • Develop your presence so new customers will find you

Are you ready to take your skills online? What are you waiting for?