Redundant at 50: Your Top Five Selling Points

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Have you been told your role is being made redundant? At any age is a big shock to the system, but for more mature workers, this situation can feel like the end of the world! People over the age of 50 are likely to worry that they don’t stand a chance against their younger counterparts, but they should focus their time on all the valuable qualities they can bring to the workplace. As mature experienced worker, focus your job search pitch on the following five qualities that make you shine.


At the age of 50, you’ve almost certainly settled down and your offspring are probably more self-sufficient. You’re at a stage in your career where you want stability and are able to offer employers a valuable commitment. Young career professionals can be uncertain, often change their minds and sometimes make life-changing decisions that leave their employers in the lurch. Businesses need workers that are in for the long haul, and that’s a box you can tick.

Keen eye for detail

Mature experienced workers are normally much more attentive than their younger counterparts. They are willing to take on new information, and they know from experience that they need to listen carefully and get all the facts, before taking action. If you’re applying for a job that needs attention to detail, highlight your experience in this area.


Mature workers are reliable and have a great work ethic. They understand the value of a stable job, and they know that good opportunities are hard to come by. Demonstrate your commitment to previous employers. A proven track record is likely to tick plenty of boxes with prospective employers.

Great communication skills

The best communication skills tend to develop over time, purely through experience. By working alongside lots of different people, you will have developed a competent, assured communication style. Make sure your job application is faultless and demonstrate just how articulate you are during the interview.

Strong decision-making skills

Maturity generally brings wisdom, and that’s a great contribution for strong decision-making skills. Your exposure to countless complex workplace scenarios makes you a strong candidate for a leadership role, where you’ll need to think on your feet.  Younger co-workers will often struggle to get through a crisis, but a lot of organisations will value your clear head and sound judgment.

If you’re facing redundancy at 50, it may feel as though your career has just came crashing to an end. Don’t let the prospect of unemployment make you doubt yourself. Focus on your skills and attributes, and demonstrate to prospective employers just what an asset you are.

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Jeanette Hannan manages a national career services organisation with Career Consultants located across Australia.