Redundant at 50: How to Create a Résumé That Recruiters Will Love

Friday, May 2nd, 2014 by: Jeanette Hannan

Redundancy is a life-changing event at any age, but older workers are often unaware of how to kick-start their careers, when a company lays them off. Older jobseekers generally worry that recruiters are only interested in younger candidates, but there are always good opportunities, if you know how to find them. If you’re aged 50 or older, the following tips can help you create the sort of résumé that a recruiter will love.

Keep the document sharp and concise

Mature applicants often make the mistake of bombarding recruiters with full details of their extensive working lives. This level of detail will bog down the résumé, and will make it very difficult for the applicant to stand out against the competition. For older applicants, it’s very important to produce a sharp, snappy résumé that immediately grabs the reader’s attention. Stick to writing no more than two pages of information, and make every word count.

Focus on your transferable skills

Mature applicants often have to apply for roles that are very different to their earlier jobs. The best way to focus your résumé for this purpose is to focus on key transferable skills, which you can apply to any role. All employers want people who can show that they are adaptable, reliable and conscientious. Recruiters want people with evidence of working in or leading teams, and they want to read details of how you have taken responsibility for certain activities. Many mature applicants have great examples of these skills, but they do not demonstrate them clearly in their résumé. Do not focus solely on what you have done. Try and talk about what you can do.

Reinforce your long-term future

Employers may worry that mature applicants are really only looking for something to keep them going for a few more years. Make sure that your personal summary makes it very clear what you want.  Talk about your career aspirations, and the value that this role will bring to your life. Show the recruiter that this job is an important, relevant step in your career, to reassure him or her that this is not just a stepping-stone or a temporary role. It’s vital that you convince anybody reading your résumé that you are a serious candidate.

Sell the value of mature experienced worker

Mature workers bring unique skills and experience to the workplace, so it’s vital that you present these facts in your résumé. A younger worker will not have thirty years’ experience of managing teams, but you can probably discuss a lot of your achievements in this way. Make it clear to the recruiter that your extensive experience is extremely valuable, and that your age is a good thing. Talk about your ability to coach and develop other people, and show how you can shape the next generation of employees.

As a mature worker, you want a potential employer who will value your age and experience. Therefore, it’s important to present your résumé in a way that shows all the value that you can add to an organisation. At the age of 50, you can still compete against any other candidate, you just need to ensure that your résumé works for you so it makes recruiters and prospective employers want you!

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