Mature Aged Workers: What do they bring to an organisation?

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Mature aged employees face a number of challenges in the modern job market, but many employers are still keen to attract mature workers. While recruiting managers should always hire the best candidate for the job, it’s important to make sure that interviewers look beyond somebody’s age, and focus on the value that mature workers can bring. So why should businesses hire mature workers?

Increased workforce diversity

Mature aged candidates are not just willing employees, they’re also potential customers for your products and services, and it’s vital that you tap into their needs and demands. A diverse workforce gives you a valuable cross-section of opinions and beliefs, so it’s important to make sure you hire all age groups. Market research costs money, but employee advice and opinion is a valuable, free resource that you should never ignore.

Valuable experience

Training and development takes time and money, particularly for some softer skills, and you may not always have time to hire a completely inexperienced recruit. Mature workers generally bring decades of work experience, meaning that you often only need to plug gaps in technical skills. With limited exposure to different workplace situations, younger recruits may not have the skills required to hit the ground running.


Mature aged workers have generally settled down, and value the stability of a permanent role. Younger, more ambitious recruits are more likely to focus continually on their longer-term goals. This perspective is often a bad fit for roles that need a diligent, reliable worker. A hectic social life is also more likely to cause conflict in a younger person’s career. Businesses often suffer fewer problems with lateness and attendance from mature workers, compared to their younger counterparts.

Confidence and maturity

Mature aged workers’ experience often gives them the maturity and confidence to share their opinions. Mature workers are a great source of feedback because they can often spot things that aren’t working, and they’re confident enough to talk to their colleagues about the issues. Younger workers are sometimes less certain about sharing their views, and may feel that they need to prove their value before criticising.

Strong communication skills

Mature aged workers can often show far stronger communication skills than other candidates. Experience in different roles helps employees develop a more balanced communication style that they can adapt to different audiences. Mature workers often find it easier to diffuse or avoid conflict, while younger candidates may simply alienate people around them.

Some recruiters overlook more mature workers because they don’t necessarily have the technical skills that the company is looking for. Hiring managers should look beyond such specific limitations, and learn to understand why mature candidates often have a lot to offer modern businesses.

As a mature aged worker you need to ensure that you put yourself forward for any new roles in the strongest possible way and highlight the value you will bring to an organisation. The experienced Career Consultants at Résumés for Results can assist you with a range of career and coaching services, which will give you the confidence to succeed. Professional assistance can be highly valuable so contact Résumés for Results today.

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