Mature Aged Workers: How to Update Your Interview Look

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

If you’ve worked in the same role for many years, the interview process can come as a bit of a shock to the system. For mature aged workers, the prospect of having to learn how to pass an interview again is often a challenge, so it’s important to make sure that your appearance is up to the task. If you haven’t attended an interview for many years, it’s probably time to update your look. Here’s some advice about how to do it the right way.

Get some style feedback

Before you head off to your first interview, it’s a good idea to get some feedback from friends and family members. Ask your close friends if there’s anything about your appearance they would change. It’s often difficult to take constructive criticism, but it’s worth finding out if there’s anything you’re missing.

More mature candidates are often oblivious to bad habits, but it’s important to swallow your pride and deal with the problems. If your trousers are never long enough, or your heels are just a bit too high, it’s better that you find out before you head into an interview.

Invest for success

To update your look, you’ll need to spend some money. Invest in a new business suit, a new pair of shoes, or some smart accessories. A new interview outfit can help you grow in self-confidence and also shows a recruiter that you’re a serious candidate. Don’t go overboard, but remember it’s worth investing in your future.

Stick to the classics

It’s important that you don’t look dated or old-fashioned, but you should also avoid outfits that are very on trend. A really cool suit may look really fashionable, but it could also suggest that you’re trying to look younger. Smart, simple, casual looks allow you to make the most of your appearance without trying to attract too much attention.

Avoid gimmicks

Some older workers mistakenly believe that they can attract a recruiter’s attention with a quirky sense of humour, but it’s important to stick solely with a professional look. Avoid novelty ties or socks, and play it safe from head to toe. You don’t have to completely avoid colour, but make sure you don’t attract attention for the wrong reasons.

Embrace your age

Many mature aged workers feel that they need to disguise how old they are, but it’s far better to embrace your age. You don’t need to dye your grey hair or use thick make-up to look younger. Show a potential employer that you’re confident, proud of your achievements, and a valuable recruit. A smart, groomed appearance is important, but you should never try to hide or disguise your age.

If you’re facing the prospect of a job interview after many years at work, take the time to refresh your look. It’s crucial that you do everything to create the right impression, and a strong, professional appearance will still impress a potential recruiter.

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