Is your Social Media profile ruining your job prospects?

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 by: Sonja Breddels

Get noticed for all the right reasons. Many employers look at a potential employee’s on-line profile now – because they can, and this may be a determining factor of whether you get the role over another prospect.

1:            Take a look at your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, (and any others you have posted on-line).

Do these profiles and photos reflect the business person or the party person? If they don’t reflect the former, you may need to overhaul them.

2:            Eliminate any negative images and content – start including all the good, positive information about yourself.

Use your name repeatedly in positive terms and be genuine.

3:            Don’t use any negativity about past employers or past colleagues – where is that going to get you anyway?

Play nicely and kindly.

4:            Learn how to make the most of your social media by connecting with the right people and groups.

How many of your friends are professional business people? Connect with them, it’s easy and you never know who may be looking at your profile once you do.

5:            Reciprocate when a friend / connection endorses your skills, be positive – what goes around, comes around. Remember, be genuine.

6:            Tie it all together. Have your professional resume and your on-line profiles aligned. This gives a look of professionalism and continuity.

Let’s all use the On-Line medium to the best of our advantage!

There are many ways to lift your personal on-line profile and these are just a few helpful tips.

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