Interview coaching: Why you need it!

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 by: Sonja Breddels

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and this is rarely more important than in a job interview.  It’s like a first date between you and your new employer. Whether or not you get a second date, or in this case a job offer, depends how well you perform in your interview.

You might be the perfect candidate for the role, and just the right team member to round out the organisation’s existing staff, but if you can’t display your worth in an interview, due to nerves or a lack of confidence, then it’s not just you that is missing out. Interview Coaching could be just the strategy you need to get ahead.

Managing anxiety

A little anxiety before an interview is to be expected, and can in fact be quite helpful, as it shows you care and pushes you to try your best. It’s not helpful, however, when the nerves stop you from answering effectively, particularly those challenging and unexpected questions.

Preparing for the interview

Our interview coaching helps you research, plan, prepare for the interview and shows you how to focus on your key strengths.

Interview coaching teaches you how the interviewer thinks and about the types of questions you can expect to be asked, so that you can anticipate and be better prepared for them. Research into the company, their culture and mission can also be helpful in identifying the types of scenarios you might be expected to solve.

Managing tricky questions

Coaching can give you the skills to deal with any question.  Perhaps you’ve been asked about a role that was less than successful, or you feel challenged by a question relating to your personal goals?  We can help you prepare for those sorts of questions so that you answer appropriately and keep the emphasis on what you excel at.

Beating the competition

In a competitive job market, where there are often far more candidates than there are vacancies, it’s important to make your mark so that you stand out from the crowd.  I’m not talking about boasting, but about being able to communicate in the right way at the right time to impress your interview panel. There is an art to knowing when to go into detail, and when less is more.

Group training

If you’re an employer seeking to support your team in their goal to progress within your organisation, take advantage of our workshops. Build the skills of all your team members at the one event.

Ongoing benefits

The communication skills you demonstrate in an interview situation remain useful long after the process ends and your employment commences. The ability to negotiate, think on your feet, respond appropriately and be persuasive are all highly valued career management skills that can be required on a daily basis in your employment capacity.

Start preparing now before you even win an interview appointment. Our Career Consultants will help you show off the unique skills, talents and experience that make you such a valuable prospective employee.

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