How to Write an Awesome LinkedIn Profile

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

linkedin-400850_640With employers turning to social media to find out more about prospective employees, it’s important that your presence on these platforms is favourable. Ensuring your LinkedIn profile is up to date, and up to scratch is even more important.

If employers are going to trawl the networks, LinkedIn is likely to be the place they’ll go to find out more about you as an employee. So make it count.

As a platform, LinkedIn provides all the sections you need to get your message across to potential bosses, so make the most of them. There are a number of key actions you can take to ensure your profile stands out and gets you noticed – in a good way.

First Impressions Count

Use a professional headshot, or if you can’t afford a professional photographer, have someone take a decent photo of you to use. Avoid silly selfies, and definitely stay away from photos taken at parties with a drink in one hand, cigarette in the other, and pulling a face.

You want people to take you seriously, so give them the image that portrays to them how great an employee you’ll be.

Make It Easy for Them

A good, attention grabbing headline is ideal, but at the same time the reader has to understand it. As tempting as it can be to come up with a clever tagline or title, this can often cause confusion, or leave the reader wondering exactly what it is you do. Tell them. Keep it short and sharp, and interesting, but most importantly, make it something they can understand.

Help them find you 

Using common keywords from your industry will help potential employers find you. If they’re doing a search, you’re more likely to pop up in front of them. It also shows that you understand the terminology and the language used, and know how to use it correctly and in context. Don’t overdo it and get too technical or caught up in the words. Sprinkle them through your profile, using them where relevant. Remember to mix them up a little too; don’t use the same two or three words over and over, but include other, similar words as well.

Complete all the relevant fields 

You have the spaces to cover your education and career, as well as a number of other fields. Make use of all the sections, and all the space provided. Use up the character limits, and use the sections wisely. Rather than ramble on to fill space, use headings, subheadings and bullet points (and those keywords!)

This makes it easier for the reader, and they’ll get your experiences and skills loud and clear, without having to wade through waffle.

Don’t forget the summary

The summary section is first seen, and provides you with the perfect opportunity to communicate those key things you’re best at. Give your prospective employer the best overview of you, highlighting your optimum skills and experience. Using fewer, but highly relevant words, dot points and headers can give a better summary than long sentences and paragraphs can.

Essentially, you can have far more impact with less content, so long as you make the most of the opportunities the LinkedIn platform provides for you.

An awesome profile will sell you as the person the employer wants, so make sure you’re giving them the best impression of that person.

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