Debugging LinkedIn Preconceptions

Monday, April 7th, 2014 by: Annette Drenth

Most people have some sort of preconceived idea about LinkedIn; “LinkedIn is just an online resume”, “It is a social media platform and I don’t like social media”, “Only certain industry professionals use it”, “I am not looking for a job, why should I be on it”

These observations are preconceptions and unless you have actually used LinkedIn and understand its full potential, you cannot judge for yourself.

Below some food for thought to assist you in turning those preconceived ideas around!

“LinkedIn is just an online resume.”

LinkedIn is a dynamic web presence and compliments your static resume. As it is a “living” document you can actively use and update your profile on a daily basis. A static resume does not tell a potential employer much about your personality but a LinkedIn profile will show what types of information a person is sharing and how that person communicates on a professional level. On a resume, a reference is only a bunch of words but a recommendation on LinkedIn is stronger and more credible as it can be traced back to a real person with a real profile. Finding a job is all about networking. LinkedIn allows jobseekers to connect with people who can make introductions for them or allow them to reach the right people to advance their career.

“It is a social media platform and I don’t like social media.”

LinkedIn is the world’s largest business networking site with over 250 million users. People align themselves to this networking platform to create business opportunities and share professional knowledge with like-minded industry experts and professionals. It is also widely used by companies who are looking for potential employees as well as hiring managers who often use LinkedIn during their recruitment process. You are in charge of managing your LinkedIn profile, interaction and connections enabling you to decide what kind of information you wish to receive and share.

“Only certain industry professionals use it.”

LinkedIn can be used by anyone who is looking to have a dynamic web presence. Most recently LinkedIn has lowered the age of people joining so more and more students and graduates are discovering the benefits as well. LinkedIn can assist anyone who is looking to grow their professional network by connecting with other industry experts, discover business opportunities, share and expand their professional knowledge, conduct company research and let companies/potential employers find you.

“I am not looking for a job, why should I be on it?”

LinkedIn has certainly received a name for itself as a job search site. LinkedIn has supported the goals of both active and passive jobseekers and will continue to do so due to the profile format being aligned closely to what recruiters and hiring managers use to source candidates.

LinkedIn’s main goal is to provide a professional platform where new business opportunities are created and people can advance their commercial goals. In some industries people go as far as assuming that when you are not represented (well!) on LinkedIn, you are not trustworthy and considered a serious business partner.

Annette Drenth has over 7 years’ experience working with LinkedIn and she has used it from a recruitment, marketing and business development perspective. This provides Annette the unique ability to translate your professional image into a powerfully written LinkedIn profile representing your true worth. Annette has assisted numerous clients with the creation of their LinkedIn profile and offers in-depth coaching sessions on how to receive the most benefit from your LinkedIn profile.

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