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Want to get that dream job? Looking for a career change or promotion? Honest and down to earth Vickie is passionate about building the perfect resume to secure your next job. You’re the expert in your field and Vickie is the expert at putting together the right words to promote you. Direct and upfront, She can help you achieve your goals efficiently and cost effectively.

Drawing on over 16 years in the finance, administration, sales and healthcare sectors, Vickie has created résumés, selection criteria responses and application letters for a wide variety of clients ranging from students, trades, nursing, sales, administration and management levels.

If you want to transform your résumé, application letter and selection criteria responses into powerful, professional documents, don’t procrastinate any longer! Call Vickie today for a free no-obligation face to face consultation or send through your resume for a free review.


Hello Vickie. I’m writing to inform you that I was successful in the position I applied for. I’m very happy with this outcome as you can imagine!  Thank you very much for your assistance and the part you played in my success.  ET – Project Manager

Hi Vickie, thanks for sending the documents through and for the follow-up. I’ve just had a chance to look at them and I’m very happy with the results – thank you! Admittedly, it’s been really great to see my skills presented in a way that might appeal to employers and has helped me gain confidence for the job hunt. There are some minor things that it would be good for you to have a look at. I’ve attached the documents with tracked changes and comments. By the way, I have just shown this resume to a friend of mine who is also a near-completion PhD candidate, and she is interested in your services. MA – PhD Candidate

“Dear Vickie, just to let you know that I got the job you helped me with. Thanks to your help with my resume and response to selection criteria, I don’t think I would have received an interview without your help as I really had no idea what was required. I thought the Resume talked me up too much but it was clearly what was needed. I liked the way you used my words in the Response to selection criteria but made them sound professional. I thought it was great how we spoke on the phone and then with just a few emails you seemed to know me enough to sell me. You demonstrated you knew the Education industry and key features which they liked to hear. Thanks and best wishes.” HE – Education

“When I first read the document I felt so proud of myself!!!! Then I realised it is not because I really have done all of that, but because you have presented excellently for the person reading to see it best. Strange, not related to the topic, but I still want to say this… Yesterday there was a funeral viewing of a 62 year old man who suddenly died – heart attack. We all know how much he has done to the community, how good he was etc, etc. But then when the speakers presented everything in their speech there was no one in that room who didn’t cry!! – It was a nice speech packed with all the right information. Your document reminds me of that speech!!” KA – Acting Team Leader Debt Recovery

“Thanks so much Vickie, you have done a fabulous job. You have made me look really good.” VC – Lawyer

“Dear Vicki, thank you so much for your great work, I could not be happier, again thank you.” DW – Carer

“Thank you so much Vickie – I am very happy with it all.” RC – Teacher

“Hi Vickie, Thanks for your hard efforts in delivering a great document.” AK – Planning & Regulation Manager

“Hi Vickie, just a quick one to let you know that I’ve received the draft copy and I have to tell you … I love it. Thank you so much. Much appreciated. Thanks again, truly I think it’s fantastic. Kind regards.” LW – Branch Manager

“Hello Vickie, What can I say? Even I am impressed with your wordsmith skills! Needless to say, I am happy with the draft copy. Thank you.” LH – Business Analyst

“Hi Vicky, Thank you for the letter, I got your message and yes I think the letter is great.
Once again thank you. Cheers!” DA – Customer Service

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