Arun Somasundaram – Sydney Inner & South West

Arun has extensive experience in recruitment and coaching, skills which were honed through senior management roles with global corporations as well as consulting in the private and public sector.

He has an innate understanding of the job search process for both local and international appointments and assists jobseekers from diverse occupational and cultural backgrounds to achieve their career and employment objectives. His services include the whole spectrum of job search documents preparation as well as the provision of career advice.


“Hello ArunThank you very much for your great job, really you are a professional, and thank you again for the cover letter. I really appreciate it and I hope I will be your client in every step towards my career.” Dr AH – Overseas Doctor

“When I came to Arun for his assistance, it was a quite impossible situation.  There was job going in our department and my chances of getting it were practically zero.    In short, I was desperate.  Arun took upon himself this arduous task.  First of all he prepared my resume in a very professional manner.  Then he helped me to put together an excellent job application letter addressing the selection criteria.   Needless to say I was successful in achieving the position.  I have no hesitations recommending Arun to anyone who wishes to have fantastic results in today’s competitive job market.” RR – Compliance Officer

“Hi Arun,I have got a job as an account manager in the I.T industry with a global company. They’re the biggest IT distributor in the world and I was really surprised to land the role. It’s been a very big learning curve as you know my background has been in financial services. However I have really enjoyed the challenge and the experience. It may be something that I needed as it has reinvigorated me as a person. I wanted to say thanks for your help as I had a lot of responses from potential employers once I sent out my resume to them. Once again thank you.” SC – Account Manager

“Hi Arun, How are you? I am going well in my new job as a Programmer. Your resume has really helped me. Thanks for that.” KP – New migrant – Programmer

“Hi Arun,How are you going? I got some good feedback to share with you. Since I have had my new resume & covering letter, I have had two phone calls from employers within a week and phone interviews scheduled. I am happy because my resume is able to now attract employers. Thank you for your time.”  TN – Assistant Accountant

“Hi Arun, Thank you very much for  your excellent work. It looks really good. I have had two calls from the agents this week.  Many thanks. “ AA – New migrant – SAP Consultant

“Thanks Arun. I am impressed with my ability and your use of words my friend.” MF – Computer Consultant

“Hi Arun,I have managed to secure a three month contract with Lloyds International. Thanks for your help.” TN – Accountant

“Hello Mr Arun.Thank you for the resume. The resume is really good and if there is anything I need to update, I will contact you in future.Thank you once again.” DS – Advertising

“Hi Arun,How are you going?Arun,  I’m doing well thanks to your help with the resume. I’ve been promoted to another area of retail banking within the Bank. I’m now doing more research and work in the online support team instead of on the phone.  It’s going really well at the moment. I’d like to stay in this area for another couple of months to see how I go, then I may like to consider for Government job in the future which will suit more with my lifestyle then. I’ll definitely need your help to answer the govt job criteria. “ JM – Banking Representative

“Hi Arun, Thank you very much for your support and all the work you did for me last two weeks with my resume and the selection criteria. It was a great pleasure to knowing you”. NR – Administrative Officer

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