Build your professional reputation online with LinkedIn

Sunday, April 27th, 2014 by: Annette Drenth

Most of us develop a professional reputation and personal brand in the physical workplace but forget that we also need to underwrite this reputation in the virtual world. The quickest way of establishing your reputation online is by creating a powerful and well written LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform with over 5 million people with a LinkedIn profile in Australia and this number is rapidly growing. Purpose built to facilitate business to business connections; it is the ideal platform to create and build your unique online brand and leave a lasting impression in the virtual world.

Here are some ideas on how to underwrite your professional reputation using a LinkedIn profile.

1.       A well written and complete profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your business card, your cover letter, your elevator pitch and your advertising all in one. As first impressions often count, make sure you have a well written profile that focusses on your key attributes and abilities and represents you in a professional manner. Combine this with a suitable and professional photo, underwriting your professional reputation and online image. When people search Google for your first and last name, your LinkedIn profile will often rank in the top 5 search results.

2.       Connect!

Connect with as many people as you feel comfortable and start growing your professional online network.  Just like you would “introduce” yourself in the physical workplace, send a new connection a personalised invitation to connect or explain why you wish to connect. Think about first impressions and your professional reputation and keep the invitation in line with that goal.

3.       Recommendations

Recommendations are a very powerful tool when it comes to building your professional profile and are an essential part of establishing your reputation. Receiving recommendations from senior managers or team members displaying your professionalism, abilities and unique skillset will enforce your professional image.

4.       Share industry knowledge

Promote your knowledge and industry expertise in ways that will add value to your connections and the wider LinkedIn community. Build your reputation based on how you add value to a discussion, share knowledge around certain industry topics, build a community, teach and empower others. Enhance your chances of being acknowledged for your unique abilities and skills and this in turn will assist you in establishing a professional reputation and grow both your business and personal goals.

Annette has over 7 years experience working with LinkedIn and has used it from a recruitment, marketing and business development perspective. This has given Annette the unique ability to translate your professional image into a powerfully written LinkedIn profile.

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