5 Things You Should Do the Day Before a Job Interview

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

When you are preparing for an interview, you cannot focus solely on what you will say. It’s really important to get every aspect of the meeting right, and some candidates often overlook minor details that go on to ruin all their hard work. If you’re getting ready to go to an interview tomorrow, use this simple checklist to make sure that you cover off all bases.

Get your outfit ready

If you leave it until the morning of the interview to choose your outfit, you may not have time to sort out any unexpected problems. Plan what you intend to wear the day before you need it so that you can make an emergency visit to the tailor or dry cleaner. Check that you have all the accessories you need too, including your cufflinks, shoes, tie, handbag or jewelry. Don’t leave these things until the morning because you’re going to have more important things to concentrate on.

Plan your route

Even if you think you can walk to the interview in the morning, make sure you know which way you need to go. It’s vital that you plan your trip with military position because the last thing you want to do is arrive late. Check that you have the employer’s full address and pull up a map online to confirm exactly where it is. If you need to travel by public transport, check the time you need to leave home, and allow for unexpected delays. Remember also to print off a map if you don’t have a smartphone to refer to on the way.

Pack the things you’ll need

There are a number of interview essentials, which you should pack in your briefcase or handbag ready for the morning. Print off a fresh copy of your resume so that you can refer to it during the interview. Take a paper copy of your referees’ contact details for when the interviewer asks to see the details. Have you got copies of any certificates or legal documents that your interviewer has asked you to bring? It’s also a good idea to take a pad and pen so that you can scribble down any important questions you think of on the way. Finally, take a packet of mints so that you know your breath will be fresh.

Take some time out

Try to book the day before your interview off work, or at least make sure you have a quiet evening at home. Eat simple, light food and avoid alcoholic drinks. Heavy food and hangovers don’t go well with a successful interview. Have a long soak in the bath, and watch your favorite movie so that you relax properly. It’s perfectly normal to have pre-interview nerves, but you must not get too anxious or you will make silly mistakes.

Get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is the best possible preparation for a job interview. Rest properly, and you will have all the energy you need to impress your future employer.  Make sure that your family members know that you need to go to bed early so that you don’t have to go downstairs and turn off a noisy TV that is keeping you awake. Don’t go to bed too early though because the break in routine can actually confuse your body clock, and you could end up with hardly any sleep at all.

It’s really important that you arrive for a job interview fresh, alert and on time. There are plenty of things you can do the day before to make sure that happens, so make sure you plan effectively. Make the most of this exciting opportunity, and leave nothing to chance.

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