5 Disastrous Statements You Should Never Make During an Interview

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Some statements can completely derail an otherwise successful job interview. It doesn’t really matter what you say after one of these disastrous lines because the interviewer will almost certainly have decided that you are not suitable for the role. Make sure you don’t terminate your chances in ten seconds, and avoid the following five instant interview killers.

“Sorry I’m late”

It’s never acceptable to turn up late for an interview. It doesn’t matter what the extenuating circumstances are because your interviewer expects you to do whatever is necessary to get there on time. Punctuality is one of the most basic requirements of any job, so if you can’t get it right when appearances are exceptionally important, it doesn’t bode well for the future.  Move mountains to get to your interview on time, and make sure that this is one apology you never have to make.

“My previous boss was rubbish”

An interviewer never wants to hear negative comments about a previous employer. Criticising a former boss is unprofessional, and signifies that you are not a good prospect. Talented career professionals always build strong relationships, even if they do not believe that a particular person is highly skilled. Critical observations suggest that you have a victim mentality, and that you are willing to blame other people when things don’t go well. Find positivity in every situation, and show a recruiter that you are able to deal with difficult relationships.

“I don’t really know anything about your company”

It’s vital that you do your research before you turn up for an interview. If you know nothing about a company, you shouldn’t be applying to work for them. How do you know this is a good match for your skills and aspirations? Recruiters want to know that you have thought carefully about your job application. They don’t want to get the impression that you have just applied for a role, without any real consideration about whether it’s right for you.

“I only did it for the money”

A good income is important to everyone, but there are some statements that are just too brutally honest. If you tell an interviewer that you only did something for the money, it doesn’t indicate a strong work ethic, and it also indicates that you are desperate. It’s really important that a future employer respects you, and believes that you have integrity. A recruiter is unlikely to want to hire somebody who has such ruthless intentions, so make a point of talking about earlier jobs in terms of development opportunities and not hard, cold cash.

“I don’t really enjoy working with people”

The job you are applying for may need you to work alone most of the time, but an interviewer doesn’t want to hear that you are a loner. Even if you have very strong technical skills, an employer may still prefer to recruit somebody who can show strong evidence of team working and communication skills as well. The ability to work alongside other people is essential in nearly every role because it’s extremely rare to work in complete isolation.

Honesty is very important in any job interview, but it is possible to go too far. Some statements have the power to derail an otherwise excellent performance, so it’s vital to condition yourself never to say any of the phrases that this article highlights.

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